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Harmony in Leadership: Empowering success through vision, strategy, and collaboration!
Meet Our Exceptional Management Team.

Amit Kumar - Founder

Amit Kumar

Founder | Research & Planning Expertise

Meet the leader who creates new digital stories everyday.

Monika Priya Jha - xecutive Director | Digital Marketing Evangelist

Monika Priya Jha

Executive Director | Digital Marketing Evangelist

It's all about Digitalisation of Art. Expert in Digital Marketing, Branding, Advertisement & PR.

Sambhavi Anand Sharma - HR Manager

Sambhavi Anand Sharma

Manager - Human Resources

Passionate HR leader sculpting thriving workforces through strategic talent management and cultural empowerment.

Vikram Pal - Head Of Digital Marketing

Vikram Pal

Head of Digital Marketing

A Digital Marketing Professional, YouTube Influncer & Business Strategist. Works for a solid & influential Online Presence.

Prasenjeet Kumar - Head of Creatives

Prasenjeet Kumar

Head of Creatives

An artistic visionary with an avant-garde touch, leading the charge in transforming ideas into captivating masterpieces.

Babita Giri - Head of SEO

Babita Giri

Head of SEO

Digital wizard, master of algorithms, and SEO savant. Transforming websites into online powerhouses.

Mrinal Singh - Manager - Content Development

Mrinal Singh

Manager - Content Development

Wordsmith weaving digital narratives, crafting engaging content, and sparking conversations.

Rupesh Anand - Meme Artist

Rupesh Anand

Meme Artist & Content Writer

Master of Memes, the internet's comedic wizard, weaving laughter into pixels. Creating smiles, one viral moment at a time.

Anurag Ranjan - Manager - Social Media

Anurag Ranjan

Manager - Social Media

Digital virtuoso and fostering connections. Master of hashtags and engagement. Social media magician.

Samiksha Chaudhary - Social Media Executive


Social Media Listening & Monitoring

Master of social media engagement, crafting digital experiences that captivate and connect.

Radha Mishra - Video Editor

Radha Mishra

Motion Graphic Designer

Pixel perfectionist, weaving visual tales with razor-sharp edits. From cuts to effects, Shapes stories that leave viewers breathless.

Aasif Waquar - Graphic Designer

Aasif Waquar

Graphic Designer

Pixel magician crafting visual wonders, blending art and technology to shape captivating stories that leave an indelible mark.